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COMFAR empowers young people through investing in their education, health, livelihood, equality and promoting their rights.

Our Initiatives

Girl-Keepers Campaign

We aim to see all young people reach their full potential. We invest in their education so that they can acquire useful skills to transform their lives, families and societies. Education benefits come in abundance, it also fosters values, attitudes and behaviours that make it possible for individuals with diverse backgrounds to live together in heterogeneous societies.

Dropout Reduction Project

ComFAR assist girls to stay in school until they complete at least their ordinary level. It also aims to make school environment conducive to girls learning through providing girl-friendly sanitation supplies at schools to support girls needs during menstruation.



Youths reached

ComFAR’s initiative to assist idle young people roaming in our streets is going to transform our community in a positive way. We are confident that our partnership with ComFAR will help young people reach their full potential.

-Pastor Tamson (Shamva Pastors Fratenity)

ComFAR is supporting my efforts to send vulnerable children to school. Their support is making my efforts more sustainable.

-Doctor W Mazhambe

I assist school dropouts to go back to school. ComFAR has assisted me by hosting a fundraising gospel show.

-Luke Chadereka (Shamva Resident)

Recent Events

International Day of the Girl Child

ComFAR joined SOS and the Ministry of Women Affairs to celebrate International Day of the Girl Child. The celebrations took place at Chakonda in Shamva. The event was attended by students from local schools namely Bradley Institute, Jiti High School and Gono Secondary...

Shamva men and boys pledge to end SRGBV

Shamva Mine Football Club hosted Girl-Keepers training on School Related Gender Based Violence (SRGBV) at their stadium on the 18th of October, 2018. The training targeted men and boys as key contributors in the elimination of SRGBV. It was attended by Shamva Mine...

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