About Us

Who we are

ComFAR is a non-governmental organisation working for the recognition of youth, promotion of their rights, empowerment and inclusion in development processes. It recognizes that youth is a transitional phase characterised by social and economic changes. Whilst they constitute the larger portion of the total population in Zimbabwe, the youth face multiple forms of exclusion in economic, social and cultural processes. As a result, they experience marginalisation in communities and consequently are unable to participate fully in the development process. The organisation recognises the need to enhance meaningful participation of young people in development processes and taking into consideration their aspirations, ideas and experiences, yet focusing on education, sustainable livelihood skills, gender equality and good health.

To create youth-friendly and enabling communities that inspire, include and promote young people.

Our Vision

Our Mission

To work for the development & empowerment of marginalised young people by implementing life-changing projects.

  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Participation & Inclusion
  • Accountability

Our Values

Transitioning young people. Transforming communities