Give a Helping Hand

Shamva Health Outreach

Access to healthcare services is critical to good health, yet underprivileged people in remote areas of Shamva face a variety of access barriers.

Shamva Health Outreach initiative provides free consultation and treatment to the residents of this area. Our volunteer doctors donate hours of free service. But we rely on donations to pay for the medical supplies and nursing services that complement the free health care.

Donations from individuals, pharmaceutical companies, corporate world, and medical aid societies are what allow us to continue providing free, accessible health care to people in need.

Please partner with us to provide much needed health care for our friends in Shamva District, Zimbabwe. Every dollar goes to patient care and is greatly appreciated!

Girl-Keepers Campaign

Support us to fight School Related Gender Based Violence (SRGBV). Your donations will support awareness trainings we conduct in schools and communities.

Our campaign creates awareness, sensitise and teach  students,  teachers, individuals and communities on SRGBV.   The term “Girl-keepers” derives from “Goalkeepers”. Goalkeepers use hands to  catch,  block  and  stop  thunderously  struck  balls.  The campaign  calls  every  individual  to  borrow  the characteristics  of  a  goalkeeper  and  use  them  to  anticipate,  block  and  stop  violence  against  girls.  Hence,  the  term Girl-keepers.  Our trainings target schools and communities in Shamva District and Murehwa District.

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