Girl-Keepers Campaign

We aim to see all young people reach their full potential. We invest in their education so that they can acquire useful skills to transform their lives, families and societies. Education benefits come in abundance, it also fosters values, attitudes and behaviours that make it possible for individuals with diverse backgrounds to live together in heterogeneous societies. However, school environment has become one of the most dangerous places for millions of children in most societies. Many schools are characterized with School Related Gender Based Violence (SRGBV) which is any form of violence based on gender roles and relationships that take place in, on the way to, or around the school or educational institution. SRGBV impact is detrimental to the provision of education for all since it is closely related to dropouts and falling grades.  Moreover, it violates children and youth rights, limits children’s ability to enjoy the benefits of education and participate fully in their own development and their society’s development. SRGBV is also a major barrier to the realization of global education goals and targets, as well as specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (Target 16.2, Target 4.a and Goal 5).

While SRGBV affects all young people, girls are particularly vulnerable. Our Girl-Keepers Campaign seeks to stop SRGBV with special attention on girls who are typically the major victims. It creates awareness, sensitises and teach students, teachers, individuals and communities on SRGBV.  The term “Girl-keepers” derives from “Goalkeepers”. Goalkeepers use hands to catch, block and stop thunderously struck balls. Our campaign calls every individual to borrow the characteristics of a goalkeeper and use them to anticipate, block and stop violence against girls. Hence, the term Girl-keepers.

Transitioning young people. Transforming communities